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Non-series related:
Letter to the President
Prayer for the Weak

Descendants Family of Stories

All of these are unfinished except for the ones that say *final. The others are in progress.
If you want to read one of the works, click the title. The stories will pop up in a new window or tab depending on your browser. Be sure to allow popups if you click one and nothing happens.

From the Forgotten Blood series

Descendants: Forgotten Blood: Metropolitan Emergence
Descendants: Forgotten Blood: Maetai
Descendants: Forgotten Blood: Blood of Mine
A Vampire's Book Of Knowledge * Final *

From the Vampire Chronicles series

Descendants: Vampire Chronicles: A New Species * Final - Read reviews
Descendants: Vampire Chronicles: Vampires of the Nile *Final
Descendants: Vampire Chronicles: Amazing Grace

About the two series.

Descendants - Vampire Chronicles is the history of the true blood vampires and their lineage. The series is planned at three books, but could become more. These vampires are the direct birth descendants of the original vampires. These books are intended to tell the story of the vampires from the very beginning until the present.

Descendants: Forgotten Blood are the stories of turned vampires and their offspring. These vampires are generally far from the original bloodlines and are much more numerous. Each book focuses on a particular vampire. So far there are Maetai from the book Maetai, Dannie form the book Blood of Mine, Terri and Bjorn from Metropolitan Emergance and Hectar, whom is present in all of the stories in one way or another.

There will always be things that we don't understand, that we fear. We are not the top predator.

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