Prayer for the Weak

Lord God most high

Creator of heaven and earth and all things within

Please hear this prayer and have mercy upon me


You are the Lord of Lords

The King of Kings

He who provides all things for us


You sent your Son to save us

He came to the world as flesh

Giving up his riches in heaven


He taught us of the new covenant

He taught us to love and forgive

He showed us how to pray to you


We laughed at him

We tortured him

We crucified him


He could have forsaken us

He could have turned his back on us

He could have destroyed us


He asked for our forgiveness

He gave his body for us

He shed his blood to wash away our sins


You loved us so much that you gave your Son

You cared so much that you became mortal

You forgave so much that we will never know


I am born of weak flesh

My soul wavers with fear

My spirit cries out to you


Please Father, fortify my faith

For without you I cannot sustain it

My soul cannot contain the strength I need without your help


I proclaim that Jesus is our savior

That he came for us

That he has saved us from eternal death


You said, ?I am the way?

You said, ?I am the light?

You said, ?I am the Word?



None come to the father

Except through you

I come to you


Help me to be a good person

Help me to be a strong person

Help me to be as you would have me be


Be my way

Be my light

Be in my words


This I pray

In Jesus Name


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