The Vampire Genealogical Tree

Descendants Family Tree



The vampire tree consists of two distinct parts: Those that were born of the original bloodlines and those that were made or turned. The first section will deal with those that were born. The second section will deal with those that were turned. Those born of the original bloodlines descend from the eleven original vampires from central Africa.

The original vampires are listed below.

1.      Kibwe

2.      Imani

3.      Zuberi

4.      Nuru

5.      Sefu

6.      Sanaa

7.      Tendaji

8.      Asha

9.      Ekwan

10.  Sauda

11.  Tieno

Of these, Ekwan left the clan after impregnating his wife, Sauda. Sauda and their child remained with the clan. His further lines will be continued separately.

??????????? Another thing to note is that while Tieno turned the father of her first child, the child is still considered a first generation born vampire.


  1. Kibwe and Imani produced a daughter, Chausiku, then a son, Ahrin, then another daughter, Kiena.
  2. Sefu and Sanaa produced a daughter, Kamaria after which Sefu died
  3. Zuberi and Nuru produced a son, Mosi then another son, Lunto after which Nuru died.
  4. Ekwan and Sauda produced a son, Kymahr.
  5. Sauda and Tendaji produced a daughter, Ethiel and then another daughter Isis.
  6. Tendaji and Asha produced a daughter, Nyah and then another daughter, Myla, and then a son, Crothan after which Asha died.
  7. Zuberi and Sanaa produced a son, Amos and a daughter Savoni.
  8. Homrhod and Tieno produced a daughter, Fanaci after which Homrhod died.

The first generation born vampires are as follows.

  1. Chausiku ? female
  2. Ahrin ? male
  3. Kiena ? female
  4. Kamaria ? female
  5. Mosi ? male
  6. Lunto ? male
  7. Kymahr ? male
  8. Ethiel ? female
  9. Isis ? female
  10. Nyah ? female
  11. Myla ? female
  12. Crothan ? male
  13. Amos ? male
  14. Savoni ? female
  15. Fanaci ? female


From this point we begin the second generation of born vampires. These are all original bloodline descendants.


  1. Mosi and Chausiku had a son, Tolor and a daughter, Moni that were twins. Then they had another daughter, Kisha.
  2. Ahrin and Fanaci had a daughter, Luna and then another daughter, Solana and then a son, Befael.
  3. Lunto and Myla had a daughter, Fenicia and then a son, Golth and then another son, Trano.
  4. Kymahr and Savoni had a daughter, Kella and then a son, Brenon.
  5. Amos and Isis had a son, Horace and a daughter Venia, and then another son, Trivan.
  6. Crothan and Ethiel had a son, Manos and a daughter, Vinac and another daughter, Suni.


All others born of the first generation are removed from the bloodlines. The second generation is as follows:

  1. Tolor ? male
  2. Moni ? female
  3. Kisha ? female
  4. Luna ? female
  5. Solana ? female
  6. Bafael ? male
  7. Fenicia ? female
  8. Golth ? male
  9. Trano ? male
  10. Kella ? female
  11. Brenon ? male
  12. Venia ? female
  13. Trivan ? male
  14. Manos ? male
  15. Vinac ? female
  16. Suni ? female


From the second generation, a third generation was born.

  1. Tolor and Luna had a son, Kalo.
  2. Tolor and Suni had a daughter, Amanci
  3. Tolor and Kella had a son, Hask
  4. Bafael and Kisha had a daughter, Boreana
  5. Bafael and Vinac had a daughter, Susa
  6. Golth and Venia had a son, Preth and a daughter Sabiina
  7. Brenon and Moni had a daughter Unii
  8. Manos and Solana had a son, Jeffan


All others born of the second generation are removed from the bloodlines. The third generation is as follows.

  1. Kalo ? male
  2. Amanci ? female
  3. Hask ? male
  4. Boreana ? female
  5. Susa ? female
  6. Preth ? male
  7. Sabiina ? female
  8. Unii ? female
  9. Jeffan ? male


From the third generation, the fourth was born.

  1. Kalo and Sabiina had a son, Manare and then a daughter Felica.
  2. Jeffan and Amanci had a son, Mikal and a daughter, Nikki that were twins, then another son Dannek.
  3. Hask and Susa had a daughter, Cara and then a daughter, Nubira, and then a son, Clemance
  4. Preth and Unii had a daughter, Lin and then a son, Pao and then a son, Xan.


All others born of the third generation are removed from the bloodlines. The fourth generation is as follows.

  1. Manare ? male
  2. Felica ? female
  3. Mikal ? male
  4. Nikki ? female
  5. Dannek ? Male
  6. Cara ? female
  7. Nubira ? female
  8. Clemance ? male
  9. Lin ? female
  10. Pao ? male
  11. Xan ? male


From the fourth generation, the fifth was born.

  1. Manare and Cara had a son, Calone.
  2. Dannek and Nubira had a daughter, Persephone.
  3. Clemance and Nikki had a daughter, Helen.
  4. Mikal and Felica had a daughter, Mary.


All others born of the fourth generation are removed from the bloodlines. The fifth generation is as follows.

  1. Calone - male
  2. Persephone - female
  3. Helen - female
  4. Mary ? female


As of yet there are no sixth generation born vampires of the original bloodlines.


??????????? While the original bloodlines are tapering in the listings above, that does not mean that vampires are vanishing from the world. Some of the above have had no children as yet. Others have had children that are not listed because they were produced by a union of the original bloodlines with turned vampires of two or more steps away from the original bloodline.


Ekwan?s Lines

The Upir


??????????? After leaving the Vim-Pyr, Ekwan traveled to the Eastern European area, a place now known as Serbia. The local tribes came to know his descendants as the Upir. While he had many wives, most never bore him children. Below is the list of his direct offspring, considered to be original bloodline descendants, first generation born vampires.


  1. Canophe ? female
  2. Zeran ? male
  3. Czanick ? male
  4. Sephi ? female
  5. Jenna ? female
  6. Croznik ? male
  7. Petran ? male
  8. Bithia ? female
  9. Tabbina ? female
  10. Alan ? male
  11. Missa ? female
  12. Norine ? female
  13. Wisp ? male
  14. Regan ? male
  15. Sczelle ? female
  16. Armon ? male
  17. Bertram ? male
  18. Alice ? female
  19. Berta ? female
  20. Reginald ? male
  21. Vlad ? male
  22. Myika ? female
  23. Zoi ? female
  24. Tannec ? male
  25. Mishel ? female
  26. Trevoski ? male
  27. Semoy ? female


There are no second generation vampires from his lines yet, though many have had children with turned vampires beyond the second step from original bloodlines.

??????????? After Ekwan?s death, his wives bore more children, but they also were beyond the second step from original bloodlines.



A Final List of Original Bloodline Descendants


??????????? This is a direct generational listing of the lines of vampires starting with the original Vim-Pyr.


??????????? The list by patron lines.

??????????? Kibwe?s descendants:

1.      Kibwe

2.      Ahrin

3.      Bafael

Zuberi?s descendants:

1.      Zuberi

2.      Mosi, Lunto, Amos

3.      Tolor, Golth, Trano, Horace, Trivan

4.      Kalo, Hask, Preth

5.      Manare, Clemance, Pao, Xan

6.      Calone

Tendaji?s descendants:

1.      Crothan

2.      Manos

3.      Jeffan

4.      Mikal, Dannek


Ekwan?s descendants (not including after separation):

1.      Kymahr

2.      Brenon








The list by matron lines.

??????????? Imani?s descendants:

1.      Imani

2.      Chausiku, Kiena

3.      Moni, Kisha

4.      Boreana, Unii

5.      Lin


Sauda?s descendants:

1.      Sauda

2.      Ethiel, Isis

3.      Venia, Vinac, Suni

4.      Amanci, Sabiina, Susa

5.      Felica, Cara, Nubira, Nikki

6.      Persephone, Helen, Mary


Asha?s descendants:

1.      Asha

2.      Nyah, Myla

3.      Fenicia


Tieno?s descendants:

1.      Tieno

2.      Fanaci

3.      Luna, Solana


Sanaa?s descendants:

1.      Sanaa

2.      Kamaria, Savoni

3.      Kella


These listings are of true original bloodline descendants. There are many others born of these lines, but removed from the direct descent because of parentage by a turned vampire beyond second step.


The Turned


??????????? The next descendant bloodline to consider is the turned vampire lineage. Turned are noted as steps from original bloodlines. The further away from the original makers, the weaker the symbiont. A tenth step vampire is still a very powerful creature indeed, however there are major differences.

??????????? First step vampires are almost as powerful as born vampires of the original bloodlines, and almost as rare. From Kibwe?s time there were several first step vampires.

  1. Frule
  2. Malor
  3. Ruun
  4. Suul
  5. Homrhod
  6. Sien
  7. Chas
  8. Lu-Tan
  9. Li-Su
  10. Akam-Ra
  11. Tekka
  12. Shurin
  13. Sabin
  14. Ugat
  15. Amok
  16. Tornath
  17. Fane
  18. Carth


First step vampires are characterized by having hollow fangs and venom glands, metallic irises that change color dependant on mood and surrounding with black rings around the outer edge, the need to drink blood once every three to four days and even though they strongly desire it they never have to feed from humans. They are susceptibility only to fire, acid and decapitation and all have extreme physical abilities.

A second step vampire is one who is turned by a first step vampire. Second step vampires have all of the above except the venom. Other than the venom, they are indistinguishable from first step vampires.

Third step vampires are those who are turned by a second step vampire. They have no venom, nor hollow fangs. Their fangs are solid. They do not regenerate as quickly and they must feed every third day. Physically they are not quite as formidable as a first or second step vampire, but they are still extremely powerful.

At the fourth step there are some notable differences. The eye color stays original, but with the addition of the black ring around the outer edge of the iris. Their eye color changes only during extreme mood changes and then to red or yellow. They must feed every other day and need human blood once every year or so, they are not as strong or fast as third step vampires, they are more susceptible to toxins such as ebon sap and allicin and silver.

Fifth step vampires are similar to fourth step except that their eyes do not ever change colors and again, they are physically slightly weaker and slower.

Sixth to tenth step vampires gradually weaken and must feed more frequently to maintain strength and appearance.

Eleventh step vampires and beyond do not have fangs per say, but they do have extended canines. They must feed daily on animal blood and every so often on human blood to survive and are only around ten times as strong as humans. They do not regenerate unless they drink human blood. Silver, allicin and ebon sap in sufficient quantity are capable of killing them. They must rest periodically to remain healthy. At around twenty steps from original bloodlines, vampires no longer have fangs, are only slightly stronger than humans, are susceptible to normal human damages such as bullets, cuts, abrasions, blunt trauma, shock and blood loss, hypothermia and suffocation. They must sleep far more often, about once every three days for a few hours and have no true regenerative ability. Their fertility rate is very low, making it very uncommon for one to be born so far removed from the original bloodlines. They are hardly considered vampires at all. The one thing that the symbiont can still give those so far from the bloodlines is extended longevity. Even the weakest vampire has the capability to live for a thousand years or more, if they can keep from being killed.


Born of Turned


As with human genetics, there is no absolute rule about how those born of two turned vampires will come out. There are a few things that are almost always reliable. The most predominate is that if one is born of two first step vampires, that one will be first step in all aspects. If one is born of a first and a tenth step union, they will generally, but not always be similar to a fifth step vampire.

Those born of turned parents never have to worry that they will reject the symbiont, just as those turned by original blood and first through third step vampires are guaranteed to survive the transition.

Born vampires of turned parents grow at a normal human rate until their bodies reach physical maturity. At that point aging slows dramatically until their bodies reach the apex of their maturity, generally around the human equivalent of thirty to forty years of age. Vampires maintain that apex of maturity until they reach their last century, when the aging process picks up again and escalates as they approach the end of their lifespan. Those of the original bloodlines may live to be twelve thousand years old spending eleven thousand eight hundred of their years at the apex of physical maturity. Those born of turned vampires that are many steps removed from original bloodlines may live to be one thousand and spend eight hundred at their apex.



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