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J.A. Laughlin

Before the known civilizations began, vampires were among us. The origins of vampires begin shortly after the origins of man. Travel to central Africa in the year 10,000 B.C. to follow the first vampires as they discover who and what they are.

Also by J.A. Laughlin,

Available from UniBook for $7.99 as a 6X9 softcover or $10.50 from Lulu.com in a 4.3" X 6.9".
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Continue the chronicles of the first Vampires in Egypt. Follow Kibwe and his clan of Vim-Pyr as they defend the Nile Valley's West Bank from invaders, natural disasters and rising gods.
Available in soft cover from Lulu.com for $14.99 or from Amazon.com as an e-book for Kindle for $2.99

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Jamel DuBois

Welcome to the Book World of Author/Adventurer Jamel DuBois.

Available from:
Shadow Line Press
149 Magnolia Drive
Winterville, NC 28590
www.shadowlinepress.com and bookstores everywhere.

His new book, Twilight and Darkness,
is a little bit wayward,
a little bit eerie,
and a little bit dark-side
collection of short fiction.
The stories may make you smile ...
or they may cause you to shudder.

One reviewer said, 'oooooh,
some of these are scary.'

But, see for yourself.

Jim Woods

Gunshot Echoes is an excellent read and will definitely appeal to the fans of this genre.
This exceptional novella and compilation of several short stories is going to enthrall
any murder mystery fan. Woods knows how to keep the suspense and mystery alive, while
leaving you eager to turn the page to see how the plots are going to unfold. It had me
anxious to read to the end and I give it ****? (4.5)Stars

?The Outlander.? This is a thrilling tale full of mystery and murder. Excellent read.

?Mexican Holiday.? This story is one of those that has you punching the air saying, ?That's right!
Get him!?

?Hambone Calls The Tune.? I enjoyed this read taking a special liking to Detective Hammond.
He knows how to get things done.

?The Clay Pigeon.? All the guns made this story a thriller. Keeps you guessing as to what will
happen in the end.

?Hobby House.? I enjoyed this story as Woods added humor to a good plot of murder.

?A Murder For The Book.? This one had a great ending, with great clues. Fantastic!
BK Walker-Author/Reviewer of BK Walker Books, http://bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com

GUNSHOT ECHOES What follows a gunshot after the noise dies away? The echoes are not all audible. The bullet cannot be recalled. Someone's life is changed, seldom, but sometimes, for the better. GUNSHOT ECHOES is a collection of fictional accounts dealing with guns and the aftermath of shootings. It is not a social commentary on the right, or not, to bear arms.
Jim Woods web page for Gunshot Echoes

Julie Eberhart Painter

Tangled Web begins in 1933 when an underground coal mine explosion puts Catherine Jones father, Max, out of work. The family must earn a living in those depression days. Catherine thinks her love for her employer might get her out of the financial and romantic doldrums.


Wilkes-Barre?s cohesive Welsh community is a haven of Protestant values and mutual support. It is also a hornet?s nest of gossip. Neither a canary? s death nor a girl?s fall from grace escapes the locals chatter. Good girls avoid the attention of the grandmothers? grapevine by behaving? in public ?as ladies are expected to behave with good manners and self-control. In private, emotions roil, passions are explored, appetites are satiated, and the end results ?talked about.?

Author's Website
Someone is killing little old ladies in Ellen Lange?s nursing home. When two residents are murdered, Special Investigator Bill Watts is called to the scene. The murders appear to be linked to others, known as the Ponytail crimes. The perp cuts off the victims? braided ponytails.
While working together during the investigation, police investigator, Bill Watts, falls in love with Ellen. She resists, claiming that she and her daughter are a team with no room for the once divorced Bill. One wonders what she's not telling him. They both have private pasts not easily shared.

All Julie's books are available in online book stores or from the author. Write to her at snorkeljul@aol.com

Julie Eberhart Painter
Mortal Coil, now in paperback
Tangled Web, e-book

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