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I have been writing on and off for more than thirty years. In school my favorite subject and the one I excelled the most in was Literature. For many years I would write, read what I wrote and then burn my work. In the last few years I have stopped the last step of this cycle. Now I keep my writings on my computer and post it to my website at www.cage-den.com.

In my early years I traveled quite a bit. I started out on a farm in North Dakota where I did most of my growing up. I moved to Milwaukee, WI when I was fifteen and experienced a completely different life. I stayed there until I was nineteen when I discovered Renaissance Faires. I met my first wife at a fair and we traveled together until it was close to time for our son to be born. We moved to Green Bay so she could be close to her family. We lived there for a time until our son was about six months old, then we moved to Arkansas.

I have lived in Arkansas since 1992 and have not regretted the decision to be here. My son is now 19 and his mother and I have been apart for many years. In 2006 I met my second wife who should have been my first. I knew right away she was something special to me and boy was I right. We were married in July of 2007 and have been best friends, lovers and confidants since. As a bonus, I added four wonderful stepchildren so that now I have five of the best and most enjoyed children a father could have. As of now (August 2012) My wife and I have five beautiful grandchildren.

In my time I have had many jobs. I've managed food places, ran a computer repair business, managed distribution for a newspaper, worked at a sawmill, worked as a carbide saw tech, worked as a house keeper at a nursing home and now I'm a Certified Nurse Aide working in Hospice. Through all of this stories have run through my mind. If I had everything I ever wrote and burned my little house would be jammed with old paper covered with fading ink. What I offer now is material I have written since 2009. I published "Descendats: Vampire Chronicles: A New Species" in 2010 through PublishAmerica. I was very disappointed in the experience, but I had kept my electronic distribution rights in the contract. As soon as I could, I reformatted my manuscript via the Style Guide written by Mark Coker and published "A New Species" and another small book I had been working on called "A Vampire's Book of Knowledge by Hectar" at Smashwords. Unlike my regrets with PA, I have never regretted publishing through Smashwords.
A great thanks and a tip of my hat go out to Mark!
Thanks Mark. You have truly risen to the plight of authors around the world.

Until I can get the next story out, "A New Species" is considered an "orphan" novel. Parts of the stories in the series "Descendants: Vampire Chronicles" and parts of the sister series "Descendants: Forgotten Blood" are posted on the site for all to read. As I get more accomplished, I will post it.

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